Looking for a ROOFING & CLADDING SPECIALIST for your next project?

Roofing Services


For any business  that has an industrial or commercial unit CAMCLAD can set up a regular maintenance schedule, saving costs and preventing long lasting damage. Planned maintenance is also a requirement to comply with manufactures warranties and gurantees.


CAMCLAD offer building refurbishment in many ways such as flat to pitch conversion, cover your outdated external envelope, such as brickwork, with new cladding, replace your old guttering and cladding, or oversheet your existing roof.

New Build

CAMCLAD can offer a second to none service on any new build project, we can offer sound advice to assist at design stage and also providing solutions to any alternative cladding products which can help meet a client’s budget without comprising their needs. We also provide an in-house design service provding our own detailed drawings.

More Services

In-House Design 

We have our own in-house design team who can provide detailed drawings for your project and offer their experience in best practices. We also work closely with other trades such as Steelworkers to ensure that any potential issues are dealt with before commencing with works on site.

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Camclad offer a free quote service, from an experienced estimating team, for any size project. 

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Camclad offers over 20 years experience of high quality, long lasting cladding repair, refurbishment and new build services for industrial, commercial and retail buildings.

Before considering any alterations to your building, ask for our free expert advice on choosing materials and best-practice repair or refurbishment work that will restore your building to be as good as new and save you time and money.

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