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Oversheeting / Overcladding

Installation Systems

Oversheeting / Overcladding

An excellent option when extra insulation is required on an existing roof, or where a replacement would be too costly, such a replacing an asbestos roof.

Oversheeting is the process of adding profiled cladding, fitted over the top of an existing roof rather than removing a roof and replacing it with a completely new one.

Oversheeting can be a great option when extra insulation is required on a building with an existing roof, or where a full replacement would be too costly. It can also work as an excellent solution for tidying up the appearance of a building too.

Oversheeting is a great option for solving roofing problems, especially when repairs are no longer providing a long term solution and includes the added bonus of providing a great opportunity to install additional loose filled insulation to improve a building’s thermal performance. Increasing the insulation allows you to reduce energy usage and therefore heating costs, so is a great way of becoming more environmentally friendly.

Oversheeting can also be used as a  simple solution for asbestos roofs, as the dangerous part of asbestos is the fibres which are ordinarily contained within the cement so these are safely trapped. If you have an asbestos roof which is leaking and in need of replacing, oversheeting is a simple and cost effective solution, and can give your roof or building a facelift at a relatively low cost.

This process also minimises disruption to buildings as roofs and exterior walls do not need to be removed and you will not need to relocate while the works are being carried out. It also allows you to save money as today’s oversheeting options are light, compact and easy to fit, giving you all the benefits of a new roof at a greatly reduced cost in terms of materials and labour.

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