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Maintenance & Repairs

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Maintenance & Repairs

Maintenance & repairs are key to the prevention of larger issues and damage in future.


Maintenance & repairs are key to the prevention of larger issues and damage in future. If you’re a landlord, or are renting a property for your business, it’s a good idea to book regular maintenance contractors so all the work is done for you. That way, you’ll have complete peace of mind that your property is in tip top shape. We offer both planned maintenance and reactive maintenance and repairs where required.

Camclad can carry out a host of maintenance needs such as general surveys, gutter maintenance, end lap treatment, leak detection, replacing perished fixings and washers to keep your building airtight and weatherproof.

One benefit of continual maintenance is that everything will be up to date – Camclad will provide regular inspections that don’t require repeated admin to arrange. Having regular inspections and maintenance visits can end up saving you money – a great number of repairs we do are as a result of neglect, and often end up costing a lot more than maintenance as you catch any issues very early on before major damage has been done. Finally, it will provide you with peace of mind – we will get to know your building inside out, so if anything does go wrong, you will have a trusted third party to deal with issues who know the property as well as you do.


We can also help with all types of repairs such as roof leaks, damaged rooflights, wall cladding repairs and any sheet corrosion fixes. Firstly, we’d need to visit the site to provide a thorough assessment of the works required and provide a quotation accordingly.

We have a dedicated team specialising in small and general works who are able to respond quickly if you are in need of an urgent repair – these may occur after a storm or in an accident in the workplace.

Please call 01223 840920 or our out of hours line 07976 730667 if you need urgent assistance.



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