A complete waterproof flat roof system

CAMCLAD offer single ply membranes - a single sheet of PVC, heat welded to size, offering a 15 year upwards guarantee. Single ply membrane can also be used to cover problematic leaks and awkward roof shapes.

Single ply membranes are durable and flexible, they are also quick to install and can be a cost effective alternative to other roofing systems. 

The rolls of membrane are laid out onto the roof and the joints are fully heat welded together to provide a continuous watertight outer skin. Single ply membranes can be installed directly over a plywood, concrete or steel deck. Insulation and vapour control layers can also be provided where required to provide a complete system.

CAMCLAD are expereinced and approved installers of single ply membrane systems, we can also offer an Electronic Leak Detection following installation to provide reassurance that all of the joints are fully sealed.

Are you fed up with flat roofs which leak and wear out after only a few years?

If you have a leaky flat roof which needs to be replaced or even if you are thinking about converting your flat roof to a pitched one you should know about single ply membranes.

What are they?

Single ply membranes are roofing solutions that comprise a single sheet of pvc. It is heat-welded to size and then spread over the roof giving you a single fully sealed surface. These come with a manufacturer’s guarantee of 15 years upwards, depending on the system and grade of materials. Since manufacturers are often conservative with their guarantees it means they are likely to last even longer.

Why are they so great?

Here are five advantages of single ply membranes over any other flat roofing system.

  1. It removes one of the most common causes of leaks because there are no joins in a single ply membrane. Traditional flat roofing methods often develop leaks where sheets of asphalt are connected.

  2. The material lasts longer. Single ply membrane is made from a high quality plastic and rubber compound rather than bitumen. It is more durable and guaranteed for longer.

  3. A single ply membrane is more cost effective than traditional methods. As well as lasting longer it is more straightforward to fit.

  4. There are less health and safety issues surrounding the fitting of a membrane over a flat roof than using other traditional flat roof methods because there is no need to heat chemicals to seal the roof.

  5. Because health and safety issues surrounding fitting of a single ply membrane are reduced there is less disruption to staff inside the building while it’s being done. The process is also quicker, saving labour costs.

Do you need advice?

We have a wide knowledge of different roof types and can take you through the pros and cons of fitting a single ply membrane over other systems. We can inspect your roof and help you to determine whether it is suitable for a membrane roofing system and if so, what type would serve you best. We can also match materials to suit your budget to ensure you get the best possible value for your budget.