Profiled Sheeting

CAMCLAD has a wealth of knowledge to advise on twin skin metal cladding systems, sourcing replacement panels, finding spares or chossing alternative roofing solutions.

Twin skin built-up cladding systems consist of two layers of profiled metal sheets seperated by a spacer bar system which creates a cavity, this cavity is then filled with loose filled insulaiton.

Twin skin systems are a great alternative to composite cladding, they can also offer more scope for meeting certain criteria when it comes to thermal, acoustic and fire requirements as the cavity can be reduced or enlarged by adjusting the depth of the spacer bar system.  

Who else has in-depth knowledge of so many corrugated roofing, sheeting and cladding systems?

At Camclad, we pride ourselves on our encyclopaedic knowledge of profiled sheeting and cladding systems.

Even if the system on your building is over 20 years old, the chances are we can source new panels and make repairs if you need them, in fact, we like to think we know most sheeting and cladding systems pretty much inside out. While spares for some types can be difficult to source, especially the older varieties, we can usually track them down. If we can’t we can advise you on the most cost effective fix using a similar cladding system or if you like, we can source and fit a new one.

When it comes to choosing and fitting new sheeting and cladding we can advise you on the type which will best suit your needs, budget and requirements. All the varieties we supply comply with European standards and come with a manufacturer’s guarantee. 

So if you are thinking about replacement cladding or want to repair damage to your current system, here are three reasons why calling Camclad could make your life easier:-

  1. We can save you cash. We can source spares for many of the older types of profiled cladding and carry out repairs from single panels upwards, keeping your costs down to a minimum.

  2. We can save you hassle. We are a one stop shop. If you want informed, impartial advice about pretty much any type corrugated of sheeting and cladding system – from those as much as 20 years old to those in use, today, we can help.

  3. We have a great deal of experience. We have been successfully fitting cladding systems for many years. Whether you are repairing an old system or installing a new one, you can rely on Camclad to fit your system properly.