Oversheeting is an excellent option

CAMCLAD offer oversheeting as an excellent option when extra insulation is required on an existing roof, or where a replacement would be too costly, such a replaceing an asbestos roof. Oversheeting is also a simple way of giving your building a facelift.

Could oversheeting fix your problem roof?

Oversheeting is a great way to solve roofing problems but with the added bonus of providing extra insulation as well. It can save you time, worry and most importantly, money. Oversheeting lets you give your building a facelift without the need to remove your old roof. It is also environmentally friendly in that it allows you to increase insulation, reducing energy usage and heating costs. It even allows for the safe containment of asbestos roofing without the need for expensive removal and the accompanying health and safety issues involved.

What is it?

Rather than removing the old roof and re-roofing the building, corrugated cladding is fitted over the top, hence the name oversheeting. There is a massive range of oversheeting systems and materials available to suit pretty much any requirement or budget and fitting is usually straightforward. The result is a new roof but without the hassle, or cost, of re-roofing.

What are the benefits of oversheeting?

There are many advantages to fitting oversheeting but here are some of the big ones:

  1. It minimises disruption – the old roof is not removed so you will not have to move into new premises or down tools while it is fitted. Your business can carry on pretty much as normal.

  2. Allows you to add insulation – many oversheeting systems come with foam insulation integrated into the panels. If they don’t it is easy for us to lay insulation on top of the old roof when we fit the overhseeting. In both cases the air gap between the original roof and the oversheet strengthens the impact of the insulation.

  3. It saves you money. Today’s oversheeting solutions are light, compact and easy to fit. This means they take less time to fit than a new roof. They give you all the benefits of a new roof at a greatly reduced cost. Fitting them involves less labour and your old roof doesn’t have to be taken away, reducing your labour and haulage costs.

  4. You can replace asbestos roofs without danger or hassle. The dangerous part of an asbestos roof is the fibres. Usually, since the sheets are made from a type of cement, these are safely trapped. Unless the panels cracked or broken – during removal, for example – an asbestos roof is no more dangerous than MDF. If your asbestos roof is leaky and needs to be replaced, oversheeting is the ideal solution. New panels which do not contain asbestos are fitted over the top allowing you to leave the original roof where it is. That circumvents the risky and expensive removal process, adds insulation to your building and fixes the leaks in one job.

  5. It delivers results. Using oversheeting allows you to give your building a facelift at a relatively low price. It is just as good as a new roof and is a great, cost effective way of caring for your building.