CAMCLAD can carry out all types of repairs such as roof leaks, damaged rooflights, damaged wall cladding and any sheet corrosion. We would need to visit site to provide a fair assessment of what is reuquired and to fully investigate the extent of repairs required in order to leave  our client with a satisfactory end product.

As we have a team specicialising in Small and General works we can also respond very quickly to any sudden damage which may occur such as storm damage or a forklift hitting a roller shutter door. 

Please  call our office on 01223 840920 or our out of office number on 07976 730667 if you need assistance.

Great results

There are many variants of composite panels to suit all needs. Whether you are constructing an agricultural barn or a new prestige car showroom we can help provide you with the best composite solution to match your design and budget.

As composite panels are a factory made insulated panel they are quicker to install than the traditional built up twin skin systems and therefore saves time on your construction programme and also a weather tight building resulting in other trades being able to commence with the internal fit out works.