Maintenance and Property Management

Keeping your maintenance up to date will remove any problems caused by neglect, keep any required inspections in order and allow you to establish arranged times for any required work. 

We can carry out a host maintenance issues such as general surveys and reports, gutter maintenacne, end lap treatment, leak detection, replacing persihed fixings & washers and repairing any broken seals to keep your building air tight and weatherproof. 

How much time do you spend on the day to day admin of managing your property?

If your answer to this question is “too much” we can help you. Whether you are a tenant, landlord or estate manager the upkeep of one property, let alone several, requires plenty of admin and that takes time.  

Most landlords like to organise yearly checks and inspections to check their premises are in good condition and these have to be arranged at a convenient time for the tenants. Once a suitable time is established, the inspection has to be carried out, an evaluation of the building made and a decision taken as to whether any maintenance is required and if so what. Over and above this there is the matter of taking care of any niggles or problems which may crop up unexpectedly. Even if you have a small number of buildings to manage these little jobs can mount up surprisingly quickly.

Here are three ways our property management service can help you:

  1. Keep routine maintenance up to date. No danger of inspections slipping if you are too busy to arrange them, yourself. We can do it for you.

  2. Save you money. Many problems are caused by neglect so with regular maintenance a lot of them can be prevented. With frequent inspections even those which are unavoidable can be caught early, while they are minor niggles and rectified before they become major headaches.

  3. Gives you peace of mind. We can get to know your properties inside out. That way if something goes wrong, you have a trusted helper on hand who knows them as well as you do.

With Camclad looking after your buildings you can rest assured they are being well managed. We will always keep you informed and discuss with you, in advance, any work which we believe needs to be done. Furthermore, we will always seek your approval before sourcing and purchasing materials on your behalf or making repairs.If you would like to know more about our property management services why not get in touch?