Profiled Sheeting

CAMCLAD has a wealth of knowledge to advise on sourcing twin skin metal systems, replacement panels, finding spares or choosing alternative roofing & cladding solutions.

Composite Panels

CAMCLAD can supply and install factory made insulated composite panels which are quick to install providing a finished external envelope quicker to than most alternative systems.

Rainscreen Façades

CAMCLAD can install various rainscreen facades such as Alucobond panels, expanded mesh and Aluminium Cassettes which provide a high quality finish to your building envelope.

Single Ply Membranes

CAMCLAD offer single ply membranes - a single sheet of PVC, heat welded to size, offering a 15 year upwards guarantee. Single ply membrane can also be used to cover problematic leaks and awkward roof shapes.

Standing Seam Roofing

CAMCLAD can install many types of standing seam roofs whether they are pitched, mono-pithed, curved, wave form or tapered roofs and can offer expert advice on the best solutions to meet your requirements.


CAMCLAD offer oversheeting as an excellent option when extra insulation is required on an existing roof, or where a replacement would be too costly, such a replacing an asbestos roof. Oversheeting is also a simple way of giving your building a facelift.


We can offer a building refurbishment service in many ways such as flat to pitch conversion, cover your outdated external walls with new cladding, replace your old guttering and cladding, or oversheet your existing roof and reline existing gutters.

Flat to Pitch Conversion

CAMCLAD can convert your existing flat roof for a pitched roof, giving you a simpler, safer, modern and longer lasting roof.