CAMCLAD offer building refurbishment in many ways such as flat to pitch conversion, cover your outdated brickwork with new cladding, replace your old guttering and cladding, or oversheet your existing roof

How can you give industrial buildings a new lease of life? Refurbish them.

Refurbishing an older building is a great way to add a breath of freshness and modernity. Not only that but it is much less time consuming and expensive than demolishing it and rebuilding. The result is a building which can be made to look as good as new in a shorter time than it takes to rebuild. That means it can be re-let and therefore, start to earn, more quickly.

Here are four easy ways in which we can help you refurbish old fashioned buildings or give them a new contemporary feel.

  1. Convert the roof from flat to pitched. Flat roofs can look dated, especially if coupled with a dated design. They can also be also off putting to some tenants. Not everyone is aware of the improvements which have been made in flat roofing systems in recent years and many people still see a flat roof as a potential source of problems. Pitched roofs also provide better drainage than flat roofs and faster flowing water allows less debris to build up in gutters and gullies.

  2. Cover over dated or tired brickwork with brand new cladding. Wall cladding brings a twofold advantage, not only does it modernise the building but it insulates, cutting down on heat loss and therefore, fuel bills. As concern about energy conservation and the environment grows, modifications, such as insulation, which make a building more “green” will become important selling or letting points.

  3. Replace guttering and old cladding. If your building is already fitted with cladding we can upgrade, update or refurbish the existing system. We can also replace old guttering systems, for example, by replacing gullies with a new system which is seam free, reducing the risk of leaks in future.

  4. Oversheet the existing roof with a modern system. If the building has an old, or un-insulated roof we can fit oversheeting. Like cladding, most oversheeting systems come with insulation integrated into the panels and where this is not the case it can easily be laid on the old roof. Once, again, you can save yourself – or your future tenants – fuel costs by reducing heat loss from the building and increase its “greenness”.


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